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Wide Range of Diamond Lockets for Every Occasion

Date:  31-12-2019


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Wide Range of Diamond Lockets for Every Occasion  Wide Range of Diamond Lockets for Every Occasion  Wide Range of Diamond Lockets for Every Occasion  

Do you want a diamond locket for every-day wear? Do you need a locket for various festivals and occasions? Whatever might be the case, go for the jewellery collection offered by diamond Tanmaniya in Basundhara. Most stores of Basundhara are offering a wide range of locket styles that can be worn to parties or any social events. Moreover, some lockets with minimalist design are ideal for everyday wear.

Types of Lockets

1. Here, are some popular styles of lockets. Go for the one that meets your taste. For instance, if you are a religious person, you can go for religious lockets. Similarly, is someone is a follower of Lord Ganesh, go for Ganesha designed lockets.

2. There are other options available, such as alphabetic lockets, generic lockets and so on. The alphabetic lockets can include the first letter of your name. This kind of locket comes embedded with small diamonds on it. It might even have some precious stones on it.

3. Another popular style of the locket is the generic lockets. This kind of lockets has different designs. Those who love Nature can go for a leaf-shaped locket. Similarly, funky designs are available for customers. Wear it with any type of outfits.

Do you love your old lockets? Go for new locket styles that showcase your personality. Opt from a wide variety of locket options available at Diamond World Ltd. Also, talk with the professionals of Diamond World on +8801713199270. For any more assistance, you can take the help of experts by dropping an mail at Make sure to check out our locket collection by visiting the store of our website